Profile of the Foundation

1. Office : 1-8-15 Kohnan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-8005

2. Established : December 25, 1989

3. Representative : Chairman  Masahiro Iwasaki

4. Competent authority : Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

5. Goals of Endeavor : (1) To provide scholarships to foreign students in Japan.
            (2) To provide personal guidance and advice to scholarship recipients
            (3) To carry out any other efforts needed to achieve the above goals.

Purpose and Goal of Establishment
At present, as a consequence of our country's elevated international position, our contribution to the world in a variety of fields as a member of international society is being expected by other countries, and we are the focus of considerable attention.

Under such conditions, it is extremely important for our country, whose survival and prosperity depend upon cordial relations with foreign countries, to promote mutual understanding through international exchange in the fields of, not only economic activity, but also science and culture, and to build friendly relations founded on mutual trust.

Based on this viewpoint, Tonen K.K.(Present: ENEOS Corp.), as a part of its commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its founding, has established the "Tonen International Scholarship Foundation" for the purpose of making a broad contribution to society.

The goal of this foundation is to provide scholarship aid to foreign students enrolled in the departments and graduate schools of Japanese universities, and through this, foster the cultivation of promising talent for our international society and contribute to friendship and goodwill between Japan and other countries.