This scholarship will solicit applications once a year from all foreign students who are qualified to apply, and make selections through a screening process. In regards to financial aid, including scholarships, it has no responsibility for reimbursements, collateral, etc.

1. Qualifications
(1) Personally funded foreign students, who have come to Japan for the purpose of receiving an education at the Japanese university or university graduate school.

(2) Persons who are under 35 years old and enrolled as any of the following at the time of application.

  1st year student in a master's program at a graduate school
  Student in a doctoral program at a graduate school

(3) Persons who are outstanding in both scholastic achievement and character, and healthy, and moreover are in need of financial aid.

(4) Persons who are not receiving scholarship payments from any other foundation.
2. Scholarship
Graduate scholarship student:
\180,000 / month
3. Term of scholarship
Master's program scholarship student: 2 years (1st - 2nd years)
Doctoral program scholarship student: 3 years
  However, doctoral program scholarship students may reapply for the scholarship (limit : 2 times).
4. Application Period
Every January
5. Application and Selection
(1) Applicants will fill out the required items on the Foundation's prescribed application form, and submit it and an accompanying letter of recommendation from their academic advisor to their university president.

(2) University presidents will screen those applying as prescribed in (1), and based on the submitted document as well as through interviews, will select suitable scholarship students and make recommendations to the Foundation.

(3) The chairman will make the final selections based on the recommendations of the university presidents and consultations with the Foundation's screening committee.
6. Designation University
We designate university in Kanto Area.
7. Scholarship Discontinuance
In the event that any of the following items is found to apply to a scholarship student, payment of the scholarship will be discontinued.

(1) If it is found that an item entered on an application is false.
(2) If a student is punished by the university at which she/he is enrolled, and is thereby expelled from the university.
(3) If, due to injury or illness, it is judged that a student will not be able to complete her/his course of study.
(4) If, due to unsatisfactory scholarship or conduct, it is judged that a student will not be able to complete her/his course of study.
(5) If a student loses her/his eligibility as a scholarship student.